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my role in the AVOD campaign for BET+ involved conceptualizing, designing, and providing art direction for all assets. Through strategic partnerships with major platforms, we successfully attracted more subscribers to BET+, expanding its audience and reinforcing its position as a leading entertainment channel. The campaign's achievements stand as a testament to the power of creative design and collaboration in driving successful marketing campaigns.

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AVOD BET+ Campaign

I am thrilled to present the AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand) campaign for BET+, where I played a central role in creating all design assets and providing art direction. The overarching objective of this campaign was to attract and acquire more subscribers to the BET+ channel.

Throughout the development of this campaign, I took charge of conceptualizing and executing the visual elements to ensure a cohesive and compelling brand presence. Every design asset, from digital advertisements to promotional materials, was meticulously crafted to align with BET+'s brand identity and resonate with the target audience.

The campaign's core focus was on expanding the subscriber base for BET+, and we achieved this through strategic partnerships with several major platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Roku, Dish, and more. By collaborating with these key players in the industry, we extended the reach of our campaign, maximizing exposure and engagement.

As the creative force behind the campaign, I maintained a clear vision and direction, ensuring that the design assets were consistent across all platforms and partner channels. This uniformity helped reinforce BET+'s brand recognition and message, ultimately contributing to the campaign's success.

The results of the AVOD campaign were impressive, as we witnessed a substantial increase in subscriber numbers and brand awareness. The carefully crafted design assets, combined with the strategic partnerships, created a powerful and effective marketing strategy that drove positive outcomes for BET+.


The key art created effectively reflects the brand with its clever use of + signals in the background. The brand colors are beautifully incorporated, enhancing the visual appeal and brand identity. The key actors and actresses are prominently showcased, ensuring their recognition and association with BET+.

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